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HOA Documents

​Use Restriction.  ​HOA documents posted on this website are available for uses related to Valley Ranch and the Home Owners' Association for the convenience of present and future homeowner's and may not be duplicated, replicated, or used for any other purpose. 

Document Ownership.  Documents on this website are the exclusive property of Temple Valley Ranch Property Owners' Association, Inc. and BelFair Development, Inc.

Plats & Covenants

Valley Ranch Master Plan


Phase Map  ​(Locate phase where you live)

Valley Ranch, Phase I

 Plat       Covenants​​​​

Valley Ranch, Phase II

​ ​​Plat    ​   Covenants


Valley Ranch, Phase III

  ​​​Plat    ​   Covenants

Valley Ranch, Phase IV

  Plat       Covenants

Valley Ranch, Phase V

  Plat       Covenants


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