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Resale Certificates are provided for the HOA by Colby Property Management.


Certificates include:

  • All information required by Texas Property Code §209

  • All governing documents

  • HOA financial information

  • HOA insurance information

  • Other information relevant to the Lot the Certificate is ordered for


The charge for a Resale Certificate is $285; turnaround time is roughly 1-week. For expedited service (24 hours or less), there is a $50 expedite fee.


To order a resale certificate, please send an email to Provide the Lot address, estimated closing date, and indicate if you need the Certificate package expedited. You will receive an email reply confirming that your request has been received.


As a courtesy to our homeowners, funds for the Resale Certificate will be accepted at closing so as not to delay the underwriting process.


Statements of Account used in conjunction with mortgage refinancing can be requested at no charge by emailing to

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